Martin Malachovsky, M.D., M.P.H.

Martin Malachovsky, M.D., M.P.H.
Internal Medicine – Primary Care
Hospital affiliations: St-Luke Roosevelt Medical Center
MPH degree: Columbia University, New York
Residency: Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island
Medical School: Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
Prof. Membership: MGMA – Medical Group Management Association

Dr. Malachovsky is a participating provider with:
Aetna, Empire Blue Cross, Cigna, Oxford (both Freedom& Liberty), United Health Care, GHI, HIP,Emblem Health, Multiplan, Medicaid, Amerigroup, Fidelis, Magnacare and Medicare

Insurances change plans and network participation quite frequently. If you have any questions about the provider being in network with your plan- please contact your plan and verify that Dr. Martin Malachovsky  is a participating provider.

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New York is about being. New York is about joy, variety, excitement, self-expression and self-discovery. For many, New York is the embodiment of the pursuit of dreams, survival, achievement and endless possibility. While New York is a place where you can be free to be the most you can be, experience and live to the fullest, it also is a place where you can find yourself ill, isolated, hurt, or physically compromised. Illness, or the state of being unwell, comes in many forms; it may be minor or major, sudden or chronic. This is where I consider my place of service.

My aim is to help you achieve your goals for well being and increase your ability to enjoy your life. Through preventive measures, I will work with you to improve your long term chances of staying healthy. I consider every person unique, and it is my goal to provide you with the best personalized medical care you can find in Manhattan. I want you to feel well cared for, and to help you improve your mental and physical well-being. I want you to be able to enjoy your life through preservation of health, prevention of disease, and through addressing any acute or chronic illness that afflicts you. I do not want you to feel that there is ever a question or a problem that you can not ask or have addressed. I wish to serve you to the best of my abilities.
Despite all the advances in technology and science, I find laughter to be the best medicine for the soul, and daily exercise to be the best medicine for the body. I look forward to partnering with you for your health care needs. Furthermore, I wholeheartedly welcome your feedback on how to improve our services.


After completing my medical education at Charles University in Prague, I moved to the United States to pursue my residency training in Internal Medicine at Brown University. As a board certified internist, I started practice in upstate New York, where I was also actively involved in hospital management. In 2004, I enrolled in Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health to advance my knowledge in public health, prevention, health care management and global health problems, and received my Masters in Public Health (MPH). I focus my practice on prevention, healthy lifestyle, and sensible decision making. In addition, I have visited over 48 countries and have provided voluntary medical services in South East Asia, Africa and the Caribbean, and continue to dedicate part of my time serving disadvantaged people in various countries.


Bodhi Medical Care, LLC and Dr. Malachovsky supports health improvement projects in various parts of the world.

At present approximately every sixth human being (1 billion human beings) lives in extreme poverty. live world statistics

On less than a dollar a day, people wake up every morning with little hope and struggle to get by. There are many large organizations which try to resolve this enormous divide. While on much smaller scale we endeavor to support this movement in making a positive difference. Here is a simplified list of projects we either participate with or chose to help/sponsor/fundraise money for.

Note: All the people we have met through this work have been talented, incredibly hard working and very genuine. While they may be less fortunate economically, we hold them with high respect for who they are. Their lives, how they care about others, how they cope with their struggles, have in many ways been very inspirational examples for us.

reliefweb international, Doctors without borders,,
Maventy Health International

In joint collaboration with the Permanent Mission of Madagacar to the United Nations and other organizations Maventy Health International ( supports development of healthcare focused on prevention and early intervention.

Sam Pho, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

We currently support someone in Siem Reap. A young man by name of Sam Pho has lived in poverty his whole life. Trying to earn a living he purchased a small moped transporting people around Siem Reap. Earning less than 30 dollars a months while working nearly 8-10 hours a day he could not meet his need of daily living. By making a small investment we have helped Sam start his own business. Trying to beat the odds and corruption in Cambodia, he purchased a car, gained access to Siem Reap Airport and has been able to quadruple his earnings to about 120-150 dollars per month. Previously unable to pay his dowry to the family of his loved one, he achieved that goal. He was able to marry and currently he is expecting his first baby. We are very happy for Sam. Another visitor of Siem Reap has helped Sam start his own website. Should you ever plan to visit the Temples of Angor Wat in Cambodia, please consider Sam for your service.

Orphanage, Kalumni, Sri Lanka.

The Tsunami in December of 2004 was a huge disaster on the Eastern Coast of Sri Lanka and remains so to this day. Out of more than 100 thousand inflicted, many children remained as orphans. Some live in a small orphanage where they receive 5 dollars a month to live on. Any support, including toys, books, pencils, pens or small donations can make a difference. For more information please email dr. Malachovsky  or directly Sister Erica at LFG home

Orphanage, Ulaanbataar, Mongolia.

It is estimated that between 2500-4000 orphan children live on the streets of Ulaanbataar. In winter, during cold temperatures reaching sometimes minus 50 Celsius, the only place the children find shelter is in the undeground sewers. Several organizations are involved helping these children find a place to live. These children are among the friendliest, humblest and most grateful children I’ve ever met. If you wish to ever sponsor a child, this is one of the most rewarding opportunities. For more information please email the director of the center: Lucila Munchi:

Village of Pram Pram, Ghana.

Located on the Eastern shore of the Ghanian Atlantic coast, this small fishing village has minimal sources of income for its residents. Through the support of, this village over last 7 years has received new schools, medical clinic support and more. Thanks to Global Volunteers, a well-run organization, you can make a difference in the local West African Community. Should you consider the opportunity to teach for a few weeks in a beautiful coastal African village or wish to donate money for children’s school supplies, medical clinic or help meet other needs, please contact global volunteers. (

Jamaica missions, Jamaica.

We would like to promote a project Jamaica lead by Hyacinth Smith of Florida. Annual trips to impoverished part of Jamaica are conducted usually in June. Participants are involved in health screenings, distribution of clothes, medications, glasses and other activities including visits of local churches, schools and nursing home shelters. Our past participations have been a great experience and those interested in experiencing health care in rural Caribbean areas-this is a great opportunity.