Primary Care

Internist NYC

We offer comprehensive primary care/ internal and family medicine services for patients from age 16- 99.

Our services are provided by board certified physicians Caitlin Shaffer, MD, Halli Zung, DO, and Martin Malachovsky, MD, MPH. The practice is affiliated with Mount Sinai and Mount Sinai West-St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospitals as well as a network of specialists and diagnostic services throughout New York City. Alltogether, the services complement to offer the most advanced diagnostic and treatment options for the patient.

The primary care/ internal medicine services include:

  • Comprehensive annual check ups
    – Assessment of general health
    – On site blood draw
    – Preventive immunizations
  • Sick visits
    – Of any kind
  • 24/7 coverage
  • Connectivity with your provider with email and phone
  • Laboratory evaluations through Quest Diagnostics and Enzo laboratories
  • Referrals to a comprehensive network of highly qualified specialists
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic services through affiliated partners and hospitals

Bodhi Medical Group has attracted the top internists in New York City, individuals who specialize in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases as well as the art of treating patients as individuals rather than a collection of symptoms. The members of our team boast years of experience and exceptional educational backgrounds, providing the highest level of internal medicine services in the city.

With a primary focus on making sure our patients receive the care they need with the individual touch they deserve, our internists in New York City offer an exceptional level of communication via email and phone, providing patients with the care and compassion they need 24/7. Bodhi Medical Group’s internists also have relationships with and access to the best specialists in the area, allowing them to form and manage a team of healthcare providers to ensure that each patient receives the utmost in care.

Uniquely equipped to deal with any problem a patient brings, from the simplest matter to the most complex; from singular illnesses to a myriad of health issues, there are no better internists in New York City.

Martin Malachovsky, MD, MPH
Caitlin Shaffer, MD
Halli Zung, DO
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