Internist Manhattan | NYC

The health community is booming and is ready to work for the health of all people.  With there being so many types of doctors and specialists it can be hard to know exactly who it is you need to be seeing.  So hopefully this will help clear it up for you as far as who you need to see for general treatment in your everyday life.  This would be an internist. Here is a great resource to help find an internist in NYC

What is a Doctor of Internal Medicine?

An internist or doctor of internal medicine is a medical doctor that diagnoses and determines nonsurgical medical treatments for adults.  They are involved in both long term and short term medical conditions and seek to cure ailments and diseases from the inside out.  An internist does not perform surgical procedures  but are involved in the overall treatment and care of the patient if and when a surgery may be needed. 

What do they do?

A doctor of internal medicine can be found just about anywhere in the medical field.  Such as, private practice clinics, all types of hospitals and nursing homes.  They manage and coordinate treatment for patients in order to keep or make them healthy.  This allows internists to develop long-term relationships with their patients as they oversee and implement their treatment.  A doctor of medicine is one who will make diagnoses of acute illnesses such as infections and influenza.  They design health plans and distribute medication for chronic diseases like, high blood pressure and diabetes.  An internist also performs examinations and assist patients in preventing disease and mental health problems. 


As all medical professions require many years of schooling, an internist also follows suit.  In addition to the undergrad work, there is a requirement of seven years of medical school in order to obtain an M.D. Once this is completed, the doctor must train for a minimum of three years in a special field of study.  This training period is called a residency.  When they have finished the residency, they have officially completed training and can move on to do private practice if they choose.

Finding an internist in NYC is going to be the best way for you to seek help and get treatment for a current condition or to help prevent future issues. Keep you and your family healthy by finding a primary care doctor to do annual check-ups and to improve overall well-being.