He specializes in targeted, cognitive-behavioral approaches, combined with longer-term psychodynamic techniques when needed. Doctor has particular expertise in helping those with anxiety disorders, as well as in conducting individual/group psychotherapy for those interested in increasing parenting skills for children ages 6- 12; for those with issues stemming from ACOA backgrounds; couples/relationship issues, and those who have suffered significant loss. Initial appointments are 45 minutes; type and length of subsequent sessions are based on the goals of therapy, but most often will entail 2 sessions per week for 30-minutes each (as the nature of targeted, solution-focused therapy works best at that level of frequency).


His services include Psychological Assessments and Individual, Couples, Group and Family therapy to address the following:
Anxiety disorders
Mood disorders
Relationship difficulties
Adjustment issues
Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Child/Adolescent behavior problems and school difficulties
Parent training

Accepted insurances: Blue Cross/Blue Shield,

self pay fee for uninsured: $150 per 1 hour session

Adult psychology appointments: Columbus Circle: Mondays and Wednesdays 2 pm – 6 pm