Endocrinologist in Manhattan NYC

When looking for the right kind of physician, it can be a bit tricky to find someone near you. Whether you’re looking for a general family doctor, gynecologist, cardiologist, psychologists or endocrinologists in NYC, you will be able to narrow down your options easily be searching through https://www.mybodhi.com/. Here is a brief breakdown of what an endocrinologist does and the type of work they do in this specific piece of the medical field. This should help you decide if your are in need of an endocrinologist or if you need a different type of specialized doctor.

What do endocrinologists’ do?
An endocrinologist is a specialized type of physician. This is someone who is trained to diagnose diseases related to glands. Typically this would be looking at hormone imbalances that come from the endocrine system in the body. This is where you get the name endocrinologist. Hormonal imbalances are pretty common in the population and can lead to a wide variety of diseases and disorders. With that being said, there is a great deal of medical research that is being done by physicians to continually help improve the development of new treatments and drugs. There are some endocrinologists that solely do research and investigate specific types of disorders or conditions caused by hormonal imbalances, while there are others who work with patients directly.

What kinds of conditions are common from hormone imbalance?
As stated earlier, hormone imbalances are quite common among the general population. At some point in life it is likely that most people will encounter hormonal changes such as menopause, osteoporosis and metabolic disorders. As these things often show up as people age. Other common conditions would include diabetes, hypertension, infertility, thyroid diseases, cancer in the endocrine system, over or under production of hormones and cholesterol disorders to name the most common.

How much training does it take?
For a physician to specialize in this kind of medical practice they are in school for 10 years after high school. This would include earning a bachelor’s degree, attending medical school and completing a residency program for several years. All of this is mandatory in order to become licensed as an endocrinologist. Since this is a specialized practice within the medical field there is continual demand for people who want to study how to be an endocrinologist. This focused type of study allows patients with hormonal imbalances to receive the best medical care they can find. With years of specific study, endocrinology doctors are experts at understanding hormone imbalances and their effects on the patient’s overall well-being.