Apple Pediatrics

Apple Pediatrics

We are proud to offer comprehensive health care for children and adolescents from birth through 21 years of age.
Our pediatricians are Board Certified in their specialty. Our practice has hospital affiliation with Mt. Sinai Medical Center-East Side, Mt. Sinai Medical Center-West Side and New York Presbyterian Hospital East Side.
Our services include:
      • Comprehensive well child visits
      • Sick visits
      • Management of chronic conditions
      • 24/7 availability
      • Evening and weekend appointment times
      • Convenient access to your pediatrician by email and phone
      • Assessment of child development and growth
      • Hearing and vision screening
      • Preventive immunizations
      • Onsite blood drawing (phlebotomy)
      • Laboratory services utilizing Quest Diagnostics and Enzo labs
      • Referrals to a comprehensive network of pediatric and adolescent medicine sub-specialists
      • Diagnostic and therapeutic services through Mt. Sinai Medical Center and New York Presbyterian Hospital

Rebecca Farber, M.D.
Amish Nishawala, M.D.
Carol Senkler, M.D.
Victoria Pertubal, M.D.
Johannes Zakrzewski, M.D.

Accepted Insurances
Recommended New Mom’s Groups-Education and Services
Doula service for NYC and Northern NJ


No-show policy : There is a $20 fee for “no-show” visit without any cancelation over the phone, via email or the internet.

Phones: We kindly request that you book all FUTURE appointments online at without calling us. This will help us reserve the phones for those with urgent needs.

Credit card Authorization for Outstanding balances Policy: Except as otherwise provided by Part II of the Credit Card Authorization for outstanding balances form, the patient, parent and/or legal guardian of the patient is personally responsible for the payment of any applicable co-pay and/or deductible at the time of the visit and required to have a credit card placed on file and authorize Bodhi Medical Care, LLC and/or Apple Pediatrics to charge that credit card for any and all amounts not covered by the patient’s insurer as further provided by Part III of the Credit Card Authorization for outstanding balances form.

Additional information can be found at:

Patient’s Rights and Responsibilities – Policy

Frequently asked questions and common pediatric concerns:
Caring for newborn
Fever overview, AAP handout about Fever
Antibiotic use and misuse prevention

Check your child’s growth age 0-5 based on WHO growth calculator

Immunizations: Vaccine Information Sheets

Vaccine Information Sheet – DtaP ( preventing diphteria-tetanus-pertussis)
Vaccine Information Sheet – Hepatitis A (preventing hepatitis A virus)
Vaccine Information Sheet – Hepatitis B (preventing hepatitis B virus)
Vaccine Information Sheet – Hib (preventing hemophilus Influenzae infections)
Vaccine Information Sheet – HPV (preventing human papilloma virus -cervical cancer)
Vaccine Information Sheet – Influenza- inactivated (preventing flu)
Vaccine Information Sheet – Influenza -live attenuated (preventing flu)
Vaccine Information Sheet – Menigococcal Vaccine (preventing meningitis)
Vaccine Information Sheet – MMR (preventing measles, mumps, rubella)
Vaccine Information Sheet – Prevnar ( preventing pneumoccocal infections)
Vaccine Information Sheet – Polio (preventing polio)
Vaccine Information Sheet – Rotavirus (preventing rotavirus infections)
Vaccine Information sheet – Tdap ( preventing tetanus, diphteria, pertussis)
Vaccine Information Sheet – Varicella (preventing chickenpox)
Vaccine Information Sheet – JE (preventing Japanese Encephalitis)
Vaccine Information Sheet – Typhoid (preventing typhoid fever)
Vaccine Information Sheet – Yellow fever (preventing yellow fever)